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Practically Free Breadcrumbs

Hey, now that you’re baking your own bread you’re probably extra annoyed when the crusty ends of the bread that no one wants to eat end up in the garbage, right?


Your bread butts were put on earth for a reason, and it’s your job to make sure they fulfill their life’s purpose. It also costs you practically nothing, even in time. Just set the end slices out on the counter for a day until their nice and stale, then throw in your food processor and mix the shit out of them until you have nice fine bread crumbs. It’s the circle of life!

I use my breadcrumbs in my meatballs, my hamburger patties, and to coat fried fish. I just store them in a Tupperware on the shelf since there’s always a recipe each week to use them up in. What do you use breadcrumbs for?